This weekend I plan to start upping my long run mileage, which got me thinking about fuel.  Since transitioning to the “Super Clean” way of eating, I’m more mindful than ever about my carbs.

I subscribe to the school of thought that says as a distance runner, my body need carbs.   I personally feel my best when my carb intake hovers around the 50% mark – less than 45% or more than 60% and I start to feel it in not-so-good ways.  (I’m so sensitive.)

For all my sensitivity, it seems to matter not what my carbs are composed of, so long as I get them – and get them I do.  My particular favorites:


Bananas:  Daily, usually immediately following a run/workout.

Other Fruit:  Daily, usually blueberries, strawberries or cherries.

Dried Fruit:  Dates and figs, occasionally, but as of this weekend, I plan to start incorporating them more into long runs, particularly as DIY sports gel.

Vegetables:  I drink my spinach and kale daily, and usually have a green vegetable with dinner.

Sweet Potatoes:  I’ll eat a plain baked sweet potato at least twice a week.

Brown Rice:  Usually with dinner twice a week.

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Quick Cooking Oats:  Every. Single. Morning. I throw just about anything and everything into my morning bowl, ranging from: apple butter, pumpkin butter, maple syrup, strawberries, blueberries, and so on.  Sometimes I’ll have a second bowl for lunch or dinner, and make it a savory meal with olive oil and cracked pepper. (I’m an oatmeal addict.)

Udi’s Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread:  This is the only brand and variety of GF bread I’ll eat, usually once a week or so.

Larabars:  These are my go-to “always have with me” snack for when hunger strikes and I don’t have any good gluten-free options.  Larabars are gluten-free, made from whole foods, and surprisingly delicious.

I don’t particularly care for gluten-free pasta or gluten-free bread, but I promise you, they serve the same function and anymore, are pretty easy to find in grocery stores or online.

Are you a gluten-free runner?  What are your favorite go-to gluten free carbs and fuels?

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